Supplier of Advanced Composite Products

Vacuum Bag Consumables

CG Composites accommodates for all customers requiring vacuum bagging consumables and does not discriminate against the “little guys”.

Minimum order on most items is 1 lineal meter, Maximum is however much you would need to complete your job.

Some of the Vacuum Baggin consumables include:

  • Nylon Bagging Film in various widths and sheet configuration
  • Polyester and Nylon Peel Plys (fine and coarse)
  • Release Film (perf and non-perf)
  • Flow mediums (diamond mesh and shadecloth)
  • Breather Fabric
  • Vacuum Spiral in various diameters
  • Vacuum Tubing in various diameters
  • Bagging Ports
  • Vacuum Bag Sealant Tape (Tacky Tape)
  • Tack Spray
  • Flash Breaker, PTFE (Teflon) and Shrink Tape.


We also stock silicone kits for making silicone vacuum bags and counterforms (intensifiers).


We deal with some of the biggest composites related companies in the world so if you need more consumables that we do not stock then we may be able to help you out. 


Unfortunately due to international purchases, we cannot set fixed prices as we try our hardest to pass the savings on to the customer.


All pricing is POA