Supplier of Advanced Composite Products

Surface Coatings

Scott-Bader Primecoat and Glosscoat are a exciting new products to add to the range of materials at CG Composites.


Primecoat is a polyester sprayable resin and can be used as either an in-mold gelcoat replacement or on top of your plug/patterns as a finishing coat that can be polished and molded off.


Glosscoat is a clear polyester sprayable resin and can be used as an in-mold cosmetic layer for carbonfibre finished parts or as a finishing topcoat for carbonfibre.


We also have in stock:

  • Polyester Gelcoats
  • Polyester Flowcoats
  • Vinylester Tooling Gelcoat
  • Fireguard Flowcoat(Fire Retardant)
  • Mouldguard(In mold surface protection for storing molds)
  • UV resistant finishing epoxy
  • Epoxy Gelcoat


We deal with some of the biggest composite related manufacturers in the world so if you need a different coating for a specific application then we may be able to help you out. 


Unfortunately due to international purchases, we cannot set fixed prices as we try our hardest to pass the savings on to the customer.


All pricing is POA.