Supplier of Advanced Composite Products

Release Agents

There are many ways to get a nice release from a part and the most vital ingredient is a decent Release Agent.

Fortunately, We stock a wide range of release agents for many different systems.

Some of these include.

  • PVA(Poly Vinyl Alcohol)
  • TR Paste Wax Range
  • Meguiars Paste Wax
  • Chemlease Semi-Permanent Liquids
  • Renlease Semi-Permanent Liquids
  • Stoner Polyurethane Release Aerosols
  • Mann Release Silicone Release Aerosols
  • Chemlease mould cleaner
  • Acetone


We deal with some of the biggest composite related compaies in the world so if you need a release agent that we do not stock then we may be able to help you out. 


Unfortunately due to international purchases, we cannot set fixed prices as we try our hardest to pass the savings on to the customer.


All pricing is POA.