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Boyancy / Insulation Foaming Polyurethane Liquid

Polyurethane Systems

AUSTHANE AUE276 is a two pack flame retarded low density rigid polyurethane foam system, producing foam with a nominal Free-Rise Density of 34 - 36 kg/m³.
It is formulated as a general purpose pour/injection foam system that can be ‘hand-mixed’ and can also be processed through PU injection machines at 1 : 1 by Volume.
The System produces a stable foam system when used in ‘free rise’ applications.
Recommended Product Applications in marine `buoyancy' applications in cavity / compartment / void filling for boats, wave-skis, canoes etc., with moulded fibreglass / aluminium / steel hull materials. In building panels, moulding / void filling applications where low weight and increased stiffness / stability are required. In thermal insulation in cold and hot applications, for contact surface temperatures ranging from - 30°C to + 85°C. For pour-in-place or injection use by either ‘hand’ mixing or machine processing.